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We offer a full range of usability services that will enable your digital product to succeed. Each product is unique and we have a toolkit of services that we choose from and combine to meet project budget and timelines.

Gather phase

During the project initiation phase we deliver a variety of customer insights that will enable your strategy and product development to succeed. Developing digital and interactive products require an understanding of the customer and through designing and considering the experience the product is more likely to succeed. Our key services include:
  1. Customer behavioural trends
  2. Customer mental-models and learnt-behaviours
  3. Usability market landscape
  4. Design considerations
  5. Strategy input and proposals
  6. Customer requirement specification

Solve phase

During the analysis of the solution for the digital product we ensure the customer is prioritised and not forgotten during the phase. It's very easy for teams to become solution-driven and to forget that the product will need to be used by a customer. We facilitate and enable the teams to keep the customer in mind and to come up with solutions that meet the customer expectation.
  1. Prioritisation of requirements
  2. Concept visualisation
  3. Customer-centric solution design
  4. Experience flows
  5. Prototype testing and concept validation

Development phase

During implementation of the digital product technical issues will arise, we facilitate and rationalise development considerations ensuring any de-scoping will not impact the customer experience and the final product utilisation.
  1. Sitemap and flows
  2. Wireframes of all the pages and template creation
  3. Full description of the front-end interaction
  4. Design briefing
  5. Design support
  6. Interaction design support
  7. Development support
  8. Development rationalisation

Support phase

After the product launch it is vital to stay ahead of your competitors. We help with the tweaking and phasing of features to enable the product to stay cutting edge.
  1. Click-stream and recommendation report
  2. Heuristic evaluation report
  3. Competitive benchmark usability reports
  4. Functionality usability reports
  5. Trend reports for future functionality phases