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Usability is the process by which the customers' objectives and needs are evaluated and integrated into the development cycle in order to reduce costs and create products and tools that meet customer needs.

Experiences happen, whether you plan for them or not. When not intentionally designed for, there's a much higher likelihood of the experience being poor. By understanding your customer, you are more likely to create an experience that the customer will enjoy and the likelihood that they will return.

A good experience will:

Create a chance of the customer finding, engaging or buying something from the company. If they enjoyed their experience they are more likely to return. And a returning customer becomes a loyal customer and a loyal customer is the best kind to have;

  • They spend more
  • They tell people about their experience with the company
  • They become brand champions
All of the above means more MONEY for the company.

Mantaray-it is a usability consultancy with eleven years experience in the Internet and mobile industry. Our company focus on the creation of mobile and internet sites that meet the customers' needs whilst still answering the business objectives and requirements.

This is accomplished through intensive customer research; site evaluations, competitor analysis and qualitative usability testing. All of which aims to understand the cognitive behaviours and mental-models of the customer when interacting and experiencing a particular digital product.

We do the visualisation of the business and customer requirements to enable the business to see what they will get before we go into development. The visualisation also enables the development, design and copy teams to focus and ensure they create the best possible solution that meet the customer and business requirements.

Our company is a member of the UPA (usability professionals association) and adhere to the international standards and guidelines given by the association.

"The biggest misconception many companies have is that they have a choice to invest in their user's experience. To survive, they don't."

Joshua Porter
Principal at Bokardo Design

"The brand is the customer experience. And that's all it is. It's not primarily a story, or a logo, or a style, or even a value proposition. Primarily the brand is just what customers tell each other about: their experience. So if you want to create a good brand, the best - perhaps the only - investment to make is in the customer experience. This means learning from customers through direct observation, and crafting a strategy built from that customer input."

Mark Hurst

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